Vert Motion

About - Video Production Digital Marketing Creative Studio

About - Vert Motion is a creative studio equipped with commercial media production & digital marketing capabilities. 



Our process


Our mission

“Good” is not good enough…

The internet is a space where small to mid-size brands are side by side with national brands. To stand out in this extremely competitive climate you need top quality content paired with consistent branding that speaks authentically to your target audience. What sells today is your brand's story. 

We are committed to telling your story through content that elevates your brand and strategic distribution that is thoughtful, efficient, and speaks to your customers.


We work faster

We have a reputation for fast turn around times simply because we understand that to shoot and edit a project fast takes careful planning.

We meticulously sort out the details of every aspect of production before we even step foot on set to ensure that each process of production can run smoothly and efficiently.


We’ve done it all

Commercials, short films, documentaries, interviews, vignettes, product advertisement, branded content, motion graphics, and more.

We can handle just about anything you throw at us. We’re problem solvers by nature.


Where it all started

Vert Motion was founded by Sid Singh as an alias for his freelance graphic design & animation services. Vert Motion shaped into a production studio as Sid dove into video production. Sid refined his skills over the years, and now produces content at a commercial level. 

Through creative collaboration Sid met Denzell Hayes, our Executive Producer & Marketing Strategist. Sid and Denzell discovered that if they created commercial content and provided strategic distribution, they would be positioned to help clients navigate the ever changing digital landscape.

In December, 2017 Sid and Denzell made their partnership official. Vert Motion now offers content production & digital marketing for small business, franchises, & beyond.  


Our team


Sid Singh - Founder & Creative Director

Sid has worked for over 5 years as a Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, Video Editor, and Director of Photography. Sid approaches every project with an unprecedented attention to detail obsessed with creating content that stands above the rest.

In his spare time you can catch him watching youtube or drafting up the next project treatment.

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Denzell Hayes - Partner & Executive Producer

Denzell is Tippie College of Business graduate who has a passion for elevating brands and producing creative content. Denzell approaches every project with a big picture approach, always thinking about how all the pieces fit together.

In his spare time you can catch him dancing down the street to tunes from Chance the Rapper.