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Connect Cedar Rapids

Group of diverse, energetic, & happy young adults navigate Downtown Cedar Rapids showcasing the beauty of Cedar Rapids & what it’s Nightlife has to offer.

Group begins evening at Downtown Sunset Activity (potentially Sunset Concert at the McGraph Amphitheater.) Group then navigates Downtown Cedar Rapids showcasing a variety of aspects of Cedar Rapids such as the Restaurants, Bars, & notable sights Downtown.

Video will feel warm, uplifting & energetic.

Music Reference: Feels Like by HRDLY

Downtown Cedar Rapids Aerial Shots

EA Aireal.png
EA Aireal 2.png

Golden Hour Event Shots

Shots (potentially at McGraph Amphitheater will feel bright, happy, & uplifting. Shots of group, sitting with Picnic Blanket / Dancing to music / Etc.

EA Treatment 3.png

Outdoor Shots

Shots of the Group Downtown as Night Approaches will feel warm & energetic looking to capture the energy of Downtown Cedar Rapids in the Summer as night approaches. Look to capture some Downtown Cedar Rapids landmarks I.E. TCR sign (Reference follow frame below). Reference below for energetic & playful nature of group below.

EA Treatment 4.png
EA Treatment 2.png
EA Treatment.png

Restaurant/Bar Shots

Restaurant & Bar Shots will showcase Atmosphere, Food & Cocktails of various Downtown Cedar Rapids locations.

Best of You from Olive Garden:

EA Nightlife 3.png
EA Nightlife 2.png
EA nightlife.png