Vert Motion

D.P. Dough Iowa City

Our Approach

Curating a digital presence that aligns with your brands voice and aesthetic is essential for growing a digital community that cares, connects, and engages with your content.

Here’s how we are making that happen with our friends at D. P. Dough Iowa City.

Brand Audit

Without conducting a proper brand audit, you risk targeting the wrong people with the wrong content.

We don’t leave things to chance which is why we started the redesign with extensive research to figure out who D. P. Dough Iowa City is, what customers they serve, and where these customers reside in the digital landscape.



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D.P. Dough corperate account


 Account started from scratch


Identify the Target

After conducing our brand audit, we identified the college student (especially ones with a late night appetite) as our target market.


Content Creation

We handle all content production in-house for our late night heroes at D.P. Dough Iowa City. Remember, all the social media tricks and metrics in the world won’t get you far if your content is lacking. [No need to worry, this is what we do best]

Our in-house photography serves as the base of our content creation efforts to establish an aesthetic and grid layout that screams hungry and happy.

How are we making this happen? An emphasis on food porn sprinkled with a mix of happy college eaters of course.

We also utilize our in-house animation and video production capabilities to announce new calzones to the menu, run weekly sales, and more!


Distribute & Engage

We manage content distribution, craft captions, and customer interactions all while speaking through the digital voice we created for D. P. Dough Iowa City.

Remember, every interaction counts in the social media landscape. To foster an engaging community, you must bring your brand to life by interacting with customers.

We then utilize various analytics tools and metrics to ensure we maximize the engagement and reach of each content post.

Customer service1.png

Monitor, Manage, and Move

The digital landscape is always changing and we move with it. We are constantly monitoring [and adjusting] our content to ensure it is the best it can be.

We never stop innovating and identify new marketing objectives, goals, and solutions each month to get calzones in the hands of hungry college students.


"Vert Motion is made up of two guys who are both very connected to the student population and have demonstrated that they are very savvy with the current Facebook and Instagram media...I spent many thousands of dollars on a variety of SM consultants in the past and was very disappointed with the results. These guys are the first that have showed me a demonstrable ROI for the expense."
- Jon Sewell - D.P. Dough Iowa City Owner