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Social Media - Vert Motion is a creative studio equipped with commercial media production & digital marketing capabilities. 


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Content matters.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are constantly changing the rules. One constant in this sea of change is the demand for engaging content.

Engaging content is a photo that makes you hungry, a video that stops you from scrolling, or a story that drives you to "follow" or "like."

The good news is that we already have that handled, so what's next?



Find your audience.

Your audience is out there and it is our job to find it. Let us do the leg work.

We then track your audience to ensure the content we create is engaging and impactful for your brand. 


What platform to use?

There are a few amazing platforms out there that offer multiple ways your audience can interact with your brand.

Each of these platforms have unique ways to share and engage with content. This means that the content we create will be specifically tailored to each platform.


What keeps your audience hooked?

story frame.png

Your story. Let us explain:

Your audience uses social platforms in a very personal way. When they use these personal platforms, they aren't expecting ads that try to sell to them directly like billboards.

It's important to be strategic when marketing on social platforms. Good content that redirects your customers to actions is a much more effective way to connect.

Your story is a continuous way to build a relationship with your audience just like they do with their own friends on these social platforms.