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Client Sucess Stories

 TrueNorth - Client Success Mini Doc Series


Concept Overview

3-5 min mini documentaries showcasing TrueNorth client success stories.

These videos will be either internal/external facing videos.



We want to showcase TrueNorth clients and their individual stories.

This mini doc series provide a glimpse into TN client businesses & how they’ve seen success/growth with the help of TrueNorth.

The focal point of these videos will not be TrueNorth, but rather the people & stories behind TN client businesses.

Human stories are going to make us care about what we’re watching.

TrueNorth will be the brand behind the success mentioned sparingly, yet strategically. The context in which these videos are distributed (via TN social media & other outlets) will provide additional content on the series.



This series will showcase how TrueNorth is a company built to enable you & your business to be successful through a variety of services TN provides.

This series will be crafted to tell unique stories of TruthNorth clients intended to strengthen relationships with existing client, attract prospective clients, & increase brand equity for TrueNorth.



*estimated production budget per mini doc.