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Unique Events


 Unique Events // Mini Doc Project


Concept Overview

24 Hours before / during / after a unique events weekend/week.

Follow the activities & logistics of each element of Unique Events

  • Event Design

  • DJ Services

  • Floral Services

  • Catering

  • Company History / Story


The format of this project would be a single documentary format video or a mini doc series on each element of UE’s services.

The reason the format of “documentary” is chosen is because documentary’s have a journalistic feel. We’re watching things unfold before our eyes rather than a scripted video. This breathes authenticity and a raw feel into the video we’re watching. Rather than some voice-over telling us how good UE is, lets show the audience what makes UE the go to wedding services provider.


We want to capture the logistics and talent behind UE massive production on multiple weddings. The project would include interviews from key managers, talented artists, etc who make each production possible. Each has a story/background and each has a unique perspective.


At the end of watching this series/video we want a customer to be wow’d by the sheer scale, talent, and attention + care to detail that UE provides. It will give an inside look into the operations of this homegrown business and a greater appreciation for their work. Eventually this increases past, present, and future customer outlook on UE as a brand.



Key Reference points:

  • Interviews from each professional leading each part of the factory

  • B-roll of skilled humans behind the scenes working at the final product

  • No scripted interviews. Fully raw responses. This feels authentic.

Key reference points

  • Following an individuals backstory. Let them tell their story.

  • B-Roll is shot very well