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Zio Johno’s // Digital Ad Content and Distribution

Our Approach

Zio Johno’s has been a staple in Eastern Iowa serving authentic Italian Cuisine for the whole family since 1984. Zio Johno’s has since grown to 4 locations across Cedar Rapids, Marion, North Liberty, & Iowa City.

Curating a digital presence & digital advertising campaign that spanned across Eastern Iowa meant we had to start how we always do. With the beloved brand audit.


Brand Audit

We don’t leave things to chance which is why we always start with extensive research to figure out who Zio Johno’s is, what customers they serve, and where these customers reside in the digital landscape.


Identify the Target

After conducting our brand audit, we identified Zio Johno’s target market was families (more specifically the individuals who buy food for families which happens to be males/females 25-34). Our brand audit also revealed varying customer behaviors across all 4 storefronts we would have to consider when developing our digital campaign.


Introducing Z’Deal of the Day

Z’ Deal of the Day is an organic & paid Facebook digital advertising campaign that feature a delicious Z’ deal every day of the week.

Curating Z’ Deal of the Day keeping our target in mind feature many deals curated for families. To factor in our variability it also features deals popular for individuals (like the $5 gondola sub).